Why Mail Wedding Invitations Early?

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With so many things to do for your wedding, it’s important to keep a timeline of when to get things done, particularly your wedding invitations! Below we outline 3 main reasons why you need to mail wedding invitations early. Do you have a wedding timeline or a checklist? Now is the time to get one. Wedding Wire offers a great wedding checklist tool. You can check it out here.

3 Reasons Why To Mail Wedding Invitations Early

1. Give Guests Ample Time:

Your wedding invitations timeline revolves around your rsvp date. Most brides and grooms forget to consider this. Many couples think they have ample time to mail wedding invitations in relation to the actual wedding date. However, that is not accurate. You need to give guests ample time to plan and respond especially if your wedding is destinational. If your guests are coming in from out-of-town and need book hotel accommodations and/or flights, they need to plan early. A suggested timeline includes an rsvp date of 6 weeks prior to your event with 6-8 weeks notice to your guests “before” the rsvp date. This means you need to have your invitations assembled, stamped and ready-to-mail approximately 6-8 weeks before your rsvp date. If your wedding is a destination wedding where guests need to book flights, then the timeline can be even earlier than that. *

Also consider your own timeline. We suggest your rsvp date to be 6 weeks before your wedding date. Most venues will probably want a final head-count about 2 week before your wedding date so they have enough time to order the food, supplies, etc.  This means you will have about 1 month to tally up your final numbers and determine seating arrangements.* And yes….time for you to chase after those guests that still have not replied back. Trust me….this can indeed happen!

2. Proofing and Production:

The wedding invitations process can be an intricate one. With so many things to consider, having ample time to make decisions is important. Selecting a design, layout and lettering style can all take time. Not to mention, the wording in itself can be quite tedious and emotional to consider. You may need to sleep on it and may even want to get your parents involved and get their input. Once you have made your selection, you then need to consider the timing it takes to receive proofs and make revisions. You’re not finished yet, though! Do you have your guest list ready for printing? Collecting your guest addresses is a project in itself and needs to be incorporated into your timeline.

Once your order goes into production, consider the production and shipping time-frame which can vary. Custom invitations can take longer. Don’t forget to consider the assembly and envelope stuffing time needed once the invitations come in.  All these factors can greatly impact timing of your wedding invitations which is why it’s important to mail wedding invitations out early. We suggest starting the invitation process about 5-6 months before your wedding.

3. Planning the Finishing Touches:

Another reason to mail wedding invitations early is so that you get a handle on the number of people coming, the sooner the better. This way, you can start finalizing other details for your wedding. For example, wedding favors. You don’t want to over-order or under-order favors for your wedding. You may also want to get escort cards or place cards professionally printed with your guests’ names and seating on them which can take time. Other details (especially for destination weddings) may include booking shuttles for your our of town guests and finalizing hotel room blocks. Many couple also like to prepare a welcome bag for their out-of-town guests.

All of these details need to be planned with a final guest count. The earlier you send out your wedding invitations, the earlier you will receive responses for your final tally. With all of the anxiety that can go into wedding planning as it is, you don’t want to add to the stress. You don’t want to leave these details to the last-minute or worse, run out of time!

In a Nutshell….Our Suggested Timeline To Mail Wedding Invitations:

  • 1. Mail out your wedding invitations approximately 3 months before the wedding date.
  • 2. Start your invitation process about 5-6 months before your wedding.
  • 3. Give your guests a minimum of 6 weeks to respond to your event. Even longer for destination weddings
  • 4. RSVP date should be about 6 weeks before your wedding date

At Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors, we work diligently ensuring all wedding invitations get done in a timely manner. In the process, no detail is overseen. Our goal is to make the invitation process a smooth one for you. It’s best to work with expert professionals in the industry like us! We would love for you to visit our showroom in Hicksville, New York in Nassau County, Long Island. We work by appointment so we can give you the full attention you deserve. Contact us today to book an appointment!

* The above recommended timeline is only a “suggested” timeline. Each wedding event is unique, so you should use your own judgement and discretion. Please consider that timing can vary depending on which invitations company, dealer or venue you decide to go with. So take all these things into account when making judgement on when to mail your wedding invitations. 

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