Top 5 Popular Wedding Favor Ideas

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Popular Wedding Favor Ideas

If you are looking for Popular Wedding Favor Ideas, you have come to the right place! You can thank and create an impression with your guests while keeping on a budget with these Top 5 favor ideas for your wedding:

1. Practical Favor:

This category of favors comes as no surprise. Done are the days of wedding guests taking home another votive candle to sit and collect dust on a shelf. Hence, Brides and Grooms want to give their guests practical favors that are useful and serve a purpose. The most common practical favors include bar-ware such as wine bottle stoppers, wine bottle openers and beer bottle openers. Other practical favors include things for the home or kitchen such as coasters, measuring spoons, mini cheeseboards and photo holders. We offer many of these favors from Kate Aspen and Fashioncraft.

Gold Skeleton Vintage Key Bottle Opener in Gold by Fashioncraft

2. Ceramic Favors:

Ceramic favors are very practical as well. Especially when wrapped very elegantly, they create a nice impression with your guests. Ceramics include Serving Dishes and Bowls, Oil and Vinegar Sets, and Salt and Pepper Sets. Additional ideas for these popular wedding favors include Napkin Holders, Spoon Rests, and Coffee and Espresso sets. We offer many of these ceramic products from D’Lusso Designs including Murano Glass  product. All of these items are very impressionable with the guests!

Damask Design Oil & Vinegar, Salt & Pepper Set by D’Lusso Designs

3. Personalized Favors:

Personalized favors are sure to create a lasting impact with your guests! This idea includes customizing your favor with your names, occasion and date. So, each time they use your favor, they will remember your big day! Custom favors include Mason Jars, Tins, Shot Glasses, Luggage tags and more! A personal favorite of mine are Mason Jars because there are endless possibilities for their use. Take the personal touch a step further and fill it will a favorite jam, spread or marinate and attach a recipe! Kate Aspen offers many of these popular wedding favors!

Personalized Mason Jars with Your-Choice Lid by Kate Aspen

4. Edible Favors:

Who doesn’t love a sweet or two? Edible favors include candy, mints or, my personal favorite…chocolate! Put your sweets inside a beautiful and creatively wrapped favor box to match your wedding theme! We offer very elegant boxes from Carlson Craft and Event Blossom, Now, how about taking chocolate a step further and give your guests an “embellished” candy bar favor? Yvonne’s Candy Bar Boutique, our sister company offers customized Hershey bars embellished with bling, pearls glitter, ribbon…you name it and it can be done! These Hershey bars are fully customizable, affordable and a popular wedding favor your guests will love!

Bling Monogrammed Embellished Candy Bar Favors by Yvonne’s Candy Bar Boutique

5. In Lieu of Favors:

Some couples are altogether scratching the popular wedding favor idea. In lieu of favors, they are opting to donate to a charity that means something to them. They will donate to their chosen charity in honor of their guests and make it known at their wedding usually with a donation card. We recommend very elegant stationery from Carlson Craft or Birchcraft for this use.

Personalized Note Card by Carlson Craft

Opening Photo Credit: Borrowed & Blue Weddings – Kelly Ginn Photography


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