Top 3 Most Popular Wedding Invitation Styles


You’re on Pinterest and see tons of invitation choices. Feeling overwhelmed? How do you choose? Not just color, but style? Do you want something that opens and reveals? Or do you prefer something simple and to the point? In this blog post, see the top 3 most popular wedding invitations as requested by our brides and grooms. With so many choices out there, we help narrow it down.

Most Popular Wedding Invitations:


The most requested style of invitations are pockets. Fun, easy, organized! Couples always tell me they like the idea of “having everything organized”. Brides and Grooms also want a “wow” factor.  Meaning, they want to give guests something to “open up” and reveal something grandiose inside. It’s your big day, after all! So, why not shout it out?

Pocket invitations come in a variety of sizes and orientations. However, they all have one thing in common. They hold multiple coordinating enclosures. Pockets hold up to 4 coordinating enclosures.  The invitation ensemble has the same design and coloring throughout, providing a coordinated look. The respond and reception cards match the invitation. Then, optional matching directions and accommodation enclosures complete the look.  See below photos of custom pocket invitations we’ve created.   You can view more here.


Another popular request is Layered Invitations! The invitation is pasted to a single backer or multiple backers. Backers give the appearance of a “border” or “frame”around the invitation. Couples LOVE layers because of the increased “thickness” it gives the invite!  Layered invitations are so versatile. You can do a lot with them! Want to take it up a notch? Then consider adding a ribbon.  The layers are perfect for tucking the ribbon in seamlessly. In addition, how about adding a pocket? Or, how about adding a belly band or jute cord? Elegantly hold the enclosures in place with these fun materials! And there you have it folks…layered invites are our 2nd most popular wedding invitations! Do lots with them! They’ll never go out of style! Find more layered invites here.


While laser invitations are a costly, they’re very unique! Laser-cut patterns are often intricate and detailed. A laser cuts the design on this type of invitation. Thus, pricing reflects this intricate manufacturing process. See how they are made here. Do not try this at home! Leave it up to a professional!

Laser-cut invitations have gained popularity in the last few years. Therefore, just about every invitation company offers them. Consequently, you’ll see tons of choices in the market. So, shop around for a design that best fits your wedding style. Many laser-cut invites open or fold. But, some are simpler and single-layered. A common type is a gate-fold, which flaps open like gate doors. Many gate-folds have designs on the flaps cut by the laser. See variety of examples below.

So, where can you find these types of invitations? Well, at Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors, of course! We have many examples of these invitations in our Long Island showroom! Let’s create a gorgeous ensemble or your big day! In addition, let’s show you how to take it up a notch with our added embellishments! Why settle for cookie-cutter invitations when we can customize a unique look for you? To book a consultation with us, please call us at 516-932-9600.

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