5 Wedding Signs You Can’t Miss!

There are a lot of signs that point to what your wedding will look and feel like. Even signs of love from your significant other. And of course the signs we don’t want to see when trying to seat everyone in harmony at the reception… However, we’re talking about actual signs!

Signage at weddings have become a fun way to personalize your big day, and we can’t stop gushing over our favorite Pinterest finds, because let’s face it, besides this blog, ;), Pinterest is the mecca for wedding inspiration. And so, here are 5 Wedding “Signs” we love…

1. “Down-the-Aisle” Signs


Every little girl or boy would love to have a fun job to do besides the traditional petal throwing or ring-bearing.  A “Here Comes The Love of Your Life” sign absolutely melts our hearts. It will trigger many “oohs and ahhs” as your guests await your big arrival. Also, if it fits into your theme, how could you resist these little cowboy boots??? Absolutely charming!

Here are a great “Set of 2” signs for the ceremony found on our website. The “Here comes the Bride” sign for the ceremony entrance an the “Just Married’ sign for the exit:


2. Initial or Monogram Signs


As long as you keep your distance and don’t actually walk under the rustic ladder, you’ll be safe from the wrath of the superstitious. This is perfect for a barn wedding or any type of classic vintage theme. The initials give it a touch of custom, plus I don’t know about you, but after the wedding, this would double as the best corner in my house because I would have it as part of my home decor. Another great idea if you want it to be more than just an ode to your names, it’s a great place to house your escort cards. They can be placed on the steps around the details of the decor and guests can walk up and find their table number.

3. Direction Signs:


If there’s a bit of confusion or a little bit of a hike to get to your reception after the ceremony or to the ceremony upon arrival, instead of letting your guests wander the streets or the halls of your venue, place fun personalized signs that will help guide them. Along the way, to make it fun you can also setup a small area where they can stop and take a few snaps on a fun background next to your sign. Sort of like a walk-thru photo booth so the momentum for what’s to come stays alive during every part of your day.

These vintage directional signs are a great recommendation and can be purchased right on our website:


4. Guest Signs


This idea is another that doubles and even triples in functionality. Besides playing the role of decor, it also is a way to customize by providing your namesake during the event and now you can even ask your guests to write well wishes to cherish forever. Win, Win and Win.

Planning a rustic or vintage theme? This wooden signature that can be personalized and ordered right on our website would be perfect for your day!


5. Social Signs


Even if you’ve tried to stay away from social media, you’re really going to lose your battle. So instead of trying to beat them, join them and collect all your snaps from your day from everyone who attended! Create a fun hashtag that can incorporate your name, the location of the wedding, a fun and catchy play on names or wedding sayings. Virtually anything will work, just make sure that you find one that doesn’t already have images from others tagged to it. The key is to be as creative as possible while tying back to the theme of the wedding in some way. Also try and keep them as short and easy to remember as possible. You’ll want as many images tagged as you can get. Having snapping!

And talking about “snapping”, check-out this personalized photo-booth sign that can be customized and ordered right on our website!


Having these signs at an event will sure up-the-ante. In the “Internet Age” there’s no reason to simply have personalized napkins, there’s so many other ways to spice it up and customize your day. Get creative and share your ideas with us, we’d love to hear from you! Of course, if you are looking for more ideas, you can come and visit us, Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors in person in our Hicksville, Long Island office showroom, as we offer many accessories and goodies for your wedding day to make it as unique as can be!

5 Reasons Why You Should Send Out Save the Dates!

Save the Dates

save the date

No girl can ever forget that day…

For me, it was on a hot August night on Long Island’s famous Nautical Mile where my “Happily Ever-After” began.  I’ll never forget the overwhelming feeling of happiness that came over me when that little black velvet box opened in front of me.  Inside it held a sparkling emerald-cut diamond ring and an eternal promise of love… from the love of my life, my prince charming.

Then shortly afterwards the wedding planning and decision-making begins. Which venue to pick…summer wedding or fall wedding? What colors to choose, the wedding song, the honeymoon spot, oh..and then there’s the registry and the scanning of all those UPC bars codes at Bed Bath & Beyond! But once the date is set, in the middle of all the hustle and bustle no bride and groom should ever forget to announce their big day and  let others know to save that special date.

So, now that the holidays are over….it’s time to plan another celebration! If 2014 is your year for announcing an elaborate wedding, engagement, special birthday or any other special event…whatever you have planned this year, a BIG congratulations goes out to you! If you haven’t already, now is the time to notify people that you have a special event planned that they won’t want to miss!

5 Reasons why people need to Save YOUR Date!

#1. People’s lives are getting busier and busier and most people are planning time off from their responsibilities in advance especially when it comes to vacation or special event planning.  It’s customary for guests to bring a gift and spend money on travel or what they will be wearing to your special event, so it is common courtesy (especially in this tight economy), to notify people well in advance so they can budget their time and spending!

#2. If you are inviting guests from out-of-town it’s important to give them plenty of notice to make travel and hotel arrangements.  The earlier they know, they most likely will get better flight options and rates.

#3. If you are having a destination wedding or event, again, people need plenty of time to book travel and hotel arrangements, schedule time off of work, or find child and/or pet care.

#4.  If you are having your wedding or an event near or on a holiday, there’s a good chance people will be booked in advance. Last year the “New Years Eve Wedding” was a hot trend.  Make sure people know well in advance so they don’t make plans to do something else!

#5.  Budgeting will become very important to you when planning a big affair so you can kill two birds with one stone.  A Save-The-Date card can double up as an Engagement Announcement!


http://llchocolatecity.com/c6mmQ A Great Tip: Because save-the-dates are usually sent in the early stages of wedding planning, there is no rule written in stone that says your save-the-dates need match or go along with your overall wedding theme. This is a big misconception with many brides and grooms. So if you are stressed over which save-the-date to choose because you haven’t yet finalized your wedding style, don’t be.  Your save-the-dates can differ in style, tone, and colors from that of your wedding. You can even choose to be casual and whimsical with them. Here are some save-the-date ideas from Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors.


Magnetic Save-the-Dates:

Save-the-date magnets are Yvonne’s #1 request! They are a great way to keep your special day right on the agenda whether on your guest’s fridge or in their office. Romantic and practical, these magnets are thin and the perfect size/weight for shipping.  They are easily customizable and the perfect reason to show off those beautiful engagement or family photo shoots! A photo is worth a thousand words right? Magnets make for a great keepsake and forever reminder! So after you’re done with your Engagement photo shoot, head on over to Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors to choose your Save-the-Date Announcement!

additional info Photo Florals – Save the Date Magnet – Featured in Chocolate (available in 5 colors!)

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meet women seeking american men south florida Hearts on the Beach – Photo Save the Date


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what percentage of relationships start with online dating Storybook Romance – Save the Date Card – Featured in Ebony (available in 9 colors!)


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Not everyone wants to use personal photos on their Save the Date Magnet.  This tux and gown design below is super simple for a more laid back couple.  Still fun and festive, guests will appreciate your modesty.

Tux And Gown - Save the Date Magnet

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Here is another alternative. A simple non-magnetic Save-the-Card can go a long way. Classy and elegant in gold shimmer stock, this card will sure get the message across about your special day.

Save the Date Horizontal Card – Gold


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Are you the funniest couple at the party?  This popcorn theme Save the Date magnet is perfect for the Bride and Groom with a sense of humor!

Click Here To View

So, don’t forget! Be sure you add sending out Save-the-Dates to your wedding to-do checklist! To shop more Save the Date cards and magnets visit Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors online or in-person at our store in Hicksville, NY!

2014 is your year! Congrats!