5 Wedding Signs You Can’t Miss!

There are a lot of signs that point to what your wedding will look and feel like. Even signs of love from your significant other. And of course the signs we don’t want to see when trying to seat everyone in harmony at the reception… However, we’re talking about actual signs!

Signage at weddings have become a fun way to personalize your big day, and we can’t stop gushing over our favorite Pinterest finds, because let’s face it, besides this blog, ;), Pinterest is the mecca for wedding inspiration. And so, here are 5 Wedding “Signs” we love…

1. “Down-the-Aisle” Signs


Every little girl or boy would love to have a fun job to do besides the traditional petal throwing or ring-bearing.  A “Here Comes The Love of Your Life” sign absolutely melts our hearts. It will trigger many “oohs and ahhs” as your guests await your big arrival. Also, if it fits into your theme, how could you resist these little cowboy boots??? Absolutely charming!

Here are a great “Set of 2” signs for the ceremony found on our website. The “Here comes the Bride” sign for the ceremony entrance an the “Just Married’ sign for the exit:


2. Initial or Monogram Signs


As long as you keep your distance and don’t actually walk under the rustic ladder, you’ll be safe from the wrath of the superstitious. This is perfect for a barn wedding or any type of classic vintage theme. The initials give it a touch of custom, plus I don’t know about you, but after the wedding, this would double as the best corner in my house because I would have it as part of my home decor. Another great idea if you want it to be more than just an ode to your names, it’s a great place to house your escort cards. They can be placed on the steps around the details of the decor and guests can walk up and find their table number.

3. Direction Signs:


If there’s a bit of confusion or a little bit of a hike to get to your reception after the ceremony or to the ceremony upon arrival, instead of letting your guests wander the streets or the halls of your venue, place fun personalized signs that will help guide them. Along the way, to make it fun you can also setup a small area where they can stop and take a few snaps on a fun background next to your sign. Sort of like a walk-thru photo booth so the momentum for what’s to come stays alive during every part of your day.

These vintage directional signs are a great recommendation and can be purchased right on our website:


4. Guest Signs


This idea is another that doubles and even triples in functionality. Besides playing the role of decor, it also is a way to customize by providing your namesake during the event and now you can even ask your guests to write well wishes to cherish forever. Win, Win and Win.

Planning a rustic or vintage theme? This wooden signature that can be personalized and ordered right on our website would be perfect for your day!


5. Social Signs


Even if you’ve tried to stay away from social media, you’re really going to lose your battle. So instead of trying to beat them, join them and collect all your snaps from your day from everyone who attended! Create a fun hashtag that can incorporate your name, the location of the wedding, a fun and catchy play on names or wedding sayings. Virtually anything will work, just make sure that you find one that doesn’t already have images from others tagged to it. The key is to be as creative as possible while tying back to the theme of the wedding in some way. Also try and keep them as short and easy to remember as possible. You’ll want as many images tagged as you can get. Having snapping!

And talking about “snapping”, check-out this personalized photo-booth sign that can be customized and ordered right on our website!


Having these signs at an event will sure up-the-ante. In the “Internet Age” there’s no reason to simply have personalized napkins, there’s so many other ways to spice it up and customize your day. Get creative and share your ideas with us, we’d love to hear from you! Of course, if you are looking for more ideas, you can come and visit us, Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors in person in our Hicksville, Long Island office showroom, as we offer many accessories and goodies for your wedding day to make it as unique as can be!

5 Ways to Customize Your Communion Celebration

It’s that time of year again. If you don’t at least have one communion written in your calendar by now, we’re sure that you will soon.  May, we’re looking at you.

The Holy Communion is a right of passage for young boys and girls of the Christian and Catholic faith. It’s a pretty big deal and besides choosing the fashions and preparing in CCD class for the big day, there’s a party to plan after the ceremony.

Yes, you guessed it, that’s where we come in. While you plan the details of the party, make sure to have the next five items checked off.  Don’t settle for cookie-cutter invitations and favors everyone else will have…shop at Yvonne’s and customize your look with these top 5 items:

1. Invitations


How else are your guests going to know the details of the communal reception? Like any other social gathering, the Holy Communion is another event that should be notified to loved ones via a traditional mailed invitation. It gives the proper and expected importance the reception deserves. Besides, with so many communions taking place at around the same time, your guests will appreciate the heads up! Yvonne put her signature glitter and bling into all of her work. Above, we feature our vest-selling design in this  year’s new color introduction…lavender. Also available in pink and blue and white.  Shop Here

Below, we feature our most elaborate religious design invitation yet! Embellishments include a rosary beard, delicate lace, satin and of course bling!  These papers are so exquisite, you won’t find them anywhere else! These invitations are custom, made-to-order and available in a wide array of paper options.


2. Candy Bar Favors



Whether you choose the single candy bar design or the mini chocolates, there’s no better way to send your guests off with a sweet reminder of the wonderful day they took part in. Display them as part of your decor, add them to each place setting or simply add them to a gift bag. Trust us, your guests will not be disappointed. Available in Pink and Blue.  Shop Here

Don’t want to do candy favors? Then how about these mini pocket-sized rosary beads for your guests?


3. Water Bottle Wrappers


We can’t expect all this chocolate not to make us thirsty! Keeping your guests hydrated is super important and they’ll appreciate you giving them an easy way to do so. These small sized bottles are perfect for guests to throw in their pursers and take with them on their way out of the ceremony. Available in Pink and Blue.  Shop Here

4. Custom Gift Tags


Opting for a gift bag? Of course you are, otherwise where else are you going to keep all those chocolates? It always goes back to chocolates, do you see how important they are? Decorate your bags with a small card with your child’s photo and a sweet message thanking your guests for attending and taking part in such an important day. Shop Here

5. Thank You Cards


Once it’s all said and done, the gifts are collected and everyone’s still enjoying their chocolate gift bags (wink), now it’s time to properly thank guests. A good rule of thumb is, if there is an invitation sent for any event or occasion regardless of whether there was a gift involved, a thank you card should follow and come full circle to complete the process. Your child is now old enough to write them himself, so why not get a head start and do a few a day so it doesn’t become an overwhelming chore. Your guests will be impressed to hear directly from the child, as this was a party celebrating them. Available in Pink, Blue, Lavender and White.  Shop Here

For more choices for the First Holy Communion, please click here to be directed to our Candy Bar Boutique. Having another celebration in the future? We’ve got you covered there too! Click here for more from Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors!

5 Reasons Why Save-the-Dates are Important


Save the Date!

Save the Dates are becoming more and more of a question mark. Are they really necessary? There are couples that are now ignoring them all together because they want to cut on cost or don’t feel they are necessary because word of mouth or social media will take care of spreading the word.

Well I’m here to tell you, that is a big mistake. Here are five of the biggest reasons to send out Save the Dates to your guests.


Sure, your once-upon-a-time bestie from high school saw your status update on Facebook that you’re engaged and she joined in on the fun to congratulate you and your new beau, but does that mean that she’s automatically invited?

Social media is great for a plethora of things, but unless there’s an envelope with your former bff’s name on it headed her way, how is she to know to be prepared? Your close friends and family of course will have a better idea of who is invited and who isn’t, but there are others that need to be officially informed. The Save the date not only formally announces your Engagement but it also provides the clarity your guests need in order to properly plan to be at your wedding. Otherwise, prepare yourself for receiving a lot of ‘respectfully declining’ RSVP’s once you decide to send the invitations eight weeks out.


The Save the Date is especially important for destination weddings and weddings taking place around a holiday. You want as many of your invited guests to attend your fabulous event. In order for this to go as smoothly as possible, please consider your guests’ schedules and busy lifestyles so they have ample time to make the proper arrangements to take off work, book babysitters and flights. This small pre-wedding detail is also important for planners like myself. I like to be able to pencil in events into my agenda and start thinking of the dress, of course!

reason 3.    SAVE TIME…

Whether you choose the ever popular magnet, or a simple card to announce your big day, sending out Save the Dates will save you and your partner a ton of time! As the wedding day approaches, things tend to get a bit hectic and why have to deal with collecting addresses so close to the date when you already did this 9-12 months ago when you sent the announcement! One of the biggest and most tedious tasks is checked off your list and now you can move on to more important things, like shoes.

reason 4.    SHOW OFF YOUR SHOTS

The perfect way to show off your engagement shots is by adding them to your Save the Dates! A lot of couples like to coordinate their wedding theme into their designs, but did you know that for most couples it’s way too early to even think about wedding themes and colors? They’re still basking in the excitement of the engagement and taking a moment to breathe it all in. That’s why the Save the Date can be so carefree, fun and even whimsical; it can be any design, it can reflect your dual personalities in a different way than the wedding will. Who says a single couple can only adopt one personality, amirite?


Your wedding is an event that should be taken seriously. Sometimes in our digital lives, we take for granted invitations or Save the Dates sent to our inboxes, which risk being detoured to our spam folders. I still get a secret thrill when receiving a piece of mail addressed to me that does not have “bill enclosed” stamped on the envelope. It’s exciting to see who in your personal life took the time to send you mail! Can we please bring it back to the days of hand-written notes and love letters? #feelingnostalgic

So now that you have 5 good reasons to send out those Save The Dates, the next question is where to get them? Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors is here  to rescue! Call us to make an appointment at our Hicksville office in Long Island (Nassau County) to view our selection in person or if in a hurry, order them online here! Whatever you choose, your guests will appreciative of the heads up!


Love our reads? We’ve got lots more coming your way in 2016! Meet Yvonne’s blogger extraordinaire, Maria who brings to you a mix of wedding, fashion and lifestyle stories to keep you on the cutting edge of our industry. Maria Caligiuri is a social media storyteller who loves Big Macs and has a very close relationship with her Chapstick.  She’s a former wedding and event planner who still follows the latest trends in the industry. You can also catch her on her lifestyle blog Pami + Me and follow her on Instagram @mariiacali





It’s a Sacred Thing! Religious Events

first communion

Photo Credit: Barquin Photography

Religious Events

Springtime is in full force and with warmer weather comes happy springtime celebrations! Are you celebrating a special event this spring?  Perhaps you are celebrating your loved one’s religious accomplishment. If so, this is just about the time you may be looking for some last minute religious -themed favors.

Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors carries a great selection of Baptism/Christening, First Holy Communion and Confirmation favors. As expected, Yvonne’s carries a large selection of favors featuring the holy cross, but also has favors that are more generic yet practical that can be used for any occasion.  Here are some examples of our most popular favors, including our signature custom chocolate bar favors:

Yvonne’s Custom Candy Bar Favors


Here are favors that are sure to create a “wow” factor! Custom religious candy bar favors are available from Yvonne’s Candy Bar Boutique, embellished with optional rhinestones, a sparkling design and/or a satin bow.  Favors come in a Holy Blue or Pink Cross design. We also offer coordinating water bottle wrappers to complete the look at your dessert table!  While browsing our Candy Bar Boutique, check out the “Religious” store section for candy bar miniatures, personalized custom favor tags and more!

Ivory Silver Classic Cross with Base order modafinil paypal  

religious - cross base

This traditional religious cross sparkles and shines in all of the right places and makes an impressive statement.  This favor is the perfect gift for any sacred event.

Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

religious - StemlessWine_15oz_rel_M

One of Yvonne’s favorites! A stemless wine glass alone is an amazing gift.  The personalization with adorable religious designs, will be the perfect memory reminder any time your guests take a minute to relax with their favorite wine, red or white.

Espresso Set on Stand in Silver

religious - d lusso cups

What guest wouldn’t appreciate a high quality porcelain set to sip their favorite morning coffee with? This elegant favor can work with any theme or celebration.

Cross-Themed Votive Holders

where can i purchase antabuse cross candles

One of our most popular sellers, this detailed votive holder with beautiful finishes is a religious favor your guests can easily use as home décor in any room of the house.  It comes wrapped beautifully in a clear box with a lovely coordinating bow. A coordinating gift tag can be designed with your personalization.


Traditional or non-traditional, simple white or sparkling bright, Yvonne’s invitations & Favors has a wide array of religious-inspired designs with quick shipping.  At Yvonne’s, you can be sure to find the perfect favor for your event. Visit our Hicksville showroom in Long Island, New York for the ultimate design experience!


Puttin’ on the Ritz and Glitz….1930s and 1940s Inspired Invitations – Art Deco Theme

Art-Deco inspired wedding and party invitations and decor made a grand entrance this year. Some of the inspiration can be attributed to the release of The Great Gatsby movie earlier this year starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  Art-Deco style invitations were one of our top requests for 2013 and we know that it will continue to inspire brides and party planners in 2014.   In this poster for the movie, look past Leo’s gorgeous face (if you can resist) at the intricate retro design of the background. That is the exact feel many modern-day brides are looking to incorporate into their weddings and Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors can certainly help with that lavish inspiration!


visit this site
or sometimes just called http://abbeyviewsalon.co.uk/256-dte47537-lesbian-dating-chat-free.html Deco, is an art design style, becoming popular in the 1930s and 1940s through World War II.  It is an eclectic, abstract style that combines traditional patterns with industrial imagery and materials. The style is often associated with bold shapes, geometric patterns and strong colors. “Lavish” is an adjective that best describes it’s mood. Many household objects, architecture, depict this design and now……Weddings!  Its the perfect blend of modern and traditional.

Below are some of the most popular Art Deco Invitations you’ll find in store and on our website:

Ritz Remix Invitation

Art Deco Ritz invitation

Set a sophisticated tone for your wedding or celebration with this art deco ritzy invitation filled with swank and style.  This invitation is unique because it is 2-part with an elegant front cover you have to flip up to get the special details.

Savoy Invitation

Art Deco Savoy Invitation
Open the door to your Gatsby riches with this polished tri-fold invitation. Featuring an art deco design in gold foil that is displayed on a luxurious black shimmer invitation.

Simply Spectacular Invitation

Art Deco Simply Spectacular invitation

This simply spectacular laser-cut  invitation gives your guests just a taste of Art Deco history with an alluring geometric cut-out pattern.

Deco Marquee – Invitation


Put on the Ritz… with this partial laser-cut invitation in rich gold and black! The gold cord wrapped around just gives it added elegance and detail.

Just like in The Great Gatsby movie, your wedding or special event can be filled with passion, love, and riches!  For Art-Deco inspired Invitations, Save The Dates, Decor and more CLICK HERE or visit us in our Long Island, New York Showroom in Hicksville in Nassau County!