5 Reasons Why Save-the-Dates are Important


Save the Date!

Save the Dates are becoming more and more of a question mark. Are they really necessary? There are couples that are now ignoring them all together because they want to cut on cost or don’t feel they are necessary because word of mouth or social media will take care of spreading the word.

Well I’m here to tell you, that is a big mistake. Here are five of the biggest reasons to send out Save the Dates to your guests.


Sure, your once-upon-a-time bestie from high school saw your status update on Facebook that you’re engaged and she joined in on the fun to congratulate you and your new beau, but does that mean that she’s automatically invited?

Social media is great for a plethora of things, but unless there’s an envelope with your former bff’s name on it headed her way, how is she to know to be prepared? Your close friends and family of course will have a better idea of who is invited and who isn’t, but there are others that need to be officially informed. The Save the date not only formally announces your Engagement but it also provides the clarity your guests need in order to properly plan to be at your wedding. Otherwise, prepare yourself for receiving a lot of ‘respectfully declining’ RSVP’s once you decide to send the invitations eight weeks out.


The Save the Date is especially important for destination weddings and weddings taking place around a holiday. You want as many of your invited guests to attend your fabulous event. In order for this to go as smoothly as possible, please consider your guests’ schedules and busy lifestyles so they have ample time to make the proper arrangements to take off work, book babysitters and flights. This small pre-wedding detail is also important for planners like myself. I like to be able to pencil in events into my agenda and start thinking of the dress, of course!

reason 3.    SAVE TIME…

Whether you choose the ever popular magnet, or a simple card to announce your big day, sending out Save the Dates will save you and your partner a ton of time! As the wedding day approaches, things tend to get a bit hectic and why have to deal with collecting addresses so close to the date when you already did this 9-12 months ago when you sent the announcement! One of the biggest and most tedious tasks is checked off your list and now you can move on to more important things, like shoes.

reason 4.    SHOW OFF YOUR SHOTS

The perfect way to show off your engagement shots is by adding them to your Save the Dates! A lot of couples like to coordinate their wedding theme into their designs, but did you know that for most couples it’s way too early to even think about wedding themes and colors? They’re still basking in the excitement of the engagement and taking a moment to breathe it all in. That’s why the Save the Date can be so carefree, fun and even whimsical; it can be any design, it can reflect your dual personalities in a different way than the wedding will. Who says a single couple can only adopt one personality, amirite?


Your wedding is an event that should be taken seriously. Sometimes in our digital lives, we take for granted invitations or Save the Dates sent to our inboxes, which risk being detoured to our spam folders. I still get a secret thrill when receiving a piece of mail addressed to me that does not have “bill enclosed” stamped on the envelope. It’s exciting to see who in your personal life took the time to send you mail! Can we please bring it back to the days of hand-written notes and love letters? #feelingnostalgic

So now that you have 5 good reasons to send out those Save The Dates, the next question is where to get them? Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors is here  to rescue! Call us to make an appointment at our Hicksville office in Long Island (Nassau County) to view our selection in person or if in a hurry, order them online here! Whatever you choose, your guests will appreciative of the heads up!


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