5 Ways to Show Off Your Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards:

the dating guy weather girl The holidays are full of fun activities and gifts with family and friends. But one of the best things about them, is finding fun ways to display the decor to make your home super festive, my creative types know what I’m talking about.

Last month I showed you different ways to get creative and decorate the Thanksgiving table, now let’s collect that pile of cards that’s slowly been making its way into your home all month and find a fun way to display them.  Besides, if you are having holiday company this week, and your guests are among the people who may have sent you greetings, you want to certainly show them how appreciative you are of having received their card by showing it off in a special way!  

Christmas Card Tree

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Having a tree is so important for a home to feel warm and cheerful. This year I was thinking of skipping it all together on account of my laziness and my cats, but mostly my cats. We know how mischievous they get around this time of year. My cats go bonkers over a shiny dangling ornament. Anyhow, I felt it wasn’t really Christmas in my home so one particularly joyful afternoon I decided to go for it. If you have kids at home, the tree is of course a no-brainer, but how about creating a fun activity with a Christmas card tree? The kids will love watching the design of the tree come to life as each card comes in the mail. Once Christmas Eve rolls around and your guests arrive, you’ll have a beautiful wall decoration that they can scour to find their own card. Fun and engaging, I’m in! 

The Card Wall

The Card Wall

Have you ever heard of an art wall in a home? I’m a huge fan! I love covering a single wall in my home with lots of different colorful art. Makes me feel like I’m in my very own custom museum. Thankfully we can spin that idea into a card wall for the holidays. Pick a single wall big enough to host all your cards but not too big, we want to give the look of the wall covered fully by end of December with minimal white space. Finalize with adding a festive tape and keeping to the same unified pattern, this will help with creating a sleek and sophisticated look. 

Book of Cards

Book of Cards

This idea can double as table decor for your Christmas Eve dinner. All you need is an old vintage book. I love the look a classic read gives a home. I like to find them at my local Good Will donations store. They’re super cool, come in all different sizes and will run you about $2.00 each, sometimes even less! Fold all the pages in half and place the cards between them, and voila. 

Branch o’ Cards

Branch o' Cards

This one is one of my favorites! Grab a few branches from your back yard. Different sizes and shades. No backyard? Michael’s or your local craft store will surely supply you with what you need, sometimes even covered in glitter or white branches as well. A bucket like the one pictured adds a rustic feel if going all naturale, however if you went the white glittery branch route, a glass vase will give it a glam look. Then hang the cards as they come in and enjoy! 

Door Frame

Door Frame

Add holiday cheer to the door frame your guests will have the best view of.  It’s a great way to accent the door while friends and family look for their card on the frame. Much like the Christmas card tree, this is a fun decorating element the whole family will love to participate in. 

We would love to see what you’ve come up with to display your holiday cards! Share your images on our Facebook page!

All images in this post via Pinterest. 

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