5 Ways to Customize Your Communion Celebration

It’s that time of year again. If you don’t at least have one communion written in your calendar by now, we’re sure that you will soon.  May, we’re looking at you.

The Holy Communion is a right of passage for young boys and girls of the Christian and Catholic faith. It’s a pretty big deal and besides choosing the fashions and preparing in CCD class for the big day, there’s a party to plan after the ceremony.

Yes, you guessed it, that’s where we come in. While you plan the details of the party, make sure to have the next five items checked off.  Don’t settle for cookie-cutter invitations and favors everyone else will have…shop at Yvonne’s and customize your look with these top 5 items:

1. Invitations


How else are your guests going to know the details of the communal reception? Like any other social gathering, the Holy Communion is another event that should be notified to loved ones via a traditional mailed invitation. It gives the proper and expected importance the reception deserves. Besides, with so many communions taking place at around the same time, your guests will appreciate the heads up! Yvonne put her signature glitter and bling into all of her work. Above, we feature our vest-selling design in this  year’s new color introduction…lavender. Also available in pink and blue and white.  Shop Here

Below, we feature our most elaborate religious design invitation yet! Embellishments include a rosary beard, delicate lace, satin and of course bling!  These papers are so exquisite, you won’t find them anywhere else! These invitations are custom, made-to-order and available in a wide array of paper options.


2. Candy Bar Favors



Whether you choose the single candy bar design or the mini chocolates, there’s no better way to send your guests off with a sweet reminder of the wonderful day they took part in. Display them as part of your decor, add them to each place setting or simply add them to a gift bag. Trust us, your guests will not be disappointed. Available in Pink and Blue.  Shop Here

Don’t want to do candy favors? Then how about these mini pocket-sized rosary beads for your guests?


3. Water Bottle Wrappers


We can’t expect all this chocolate not to make us thirsty! Keeping your guests hydrated is super important and they’ll appreciate you giving them an easy way to do so. These small sized bottles are perfect for guests to throw in their pursers and take with them on their way out of the ceremony. Available in Pink and Blue.  Shop Here

4. Custom Gift Tags


Opting for a gift bag? Of course you are, otherwise where else are you going to keep all those chocolates? It always goes back to chocolates, do you see how important they are? Decorate your bags with a small card with your child’s photo and a sweet message thanking your guests for attending and taking part in such an important day. Shop Here

5. Thank You Cards


Once it’s all said and done, the gifts are collected and everyone’s still enjoying their chocolate gift bags (wink), now it’s time to properly thank guests. A good rule of thumb is, if there is an invitation sent for any event or occasion regardless of whether there was a gift involved, a thank you card should follow and come full circle to complete the process. Your child is now old enough to write them himself, so why not get a head start and do a few a day so it doesn’t become an overwhelming chore. Your guests will be impressed to hear directly from the child, as this was a party celebrating them. Available in Pink, Blue, Lavender and White.  Shop Here

For more choices for the First Holy Communion, please click here to be directed to our Candy Bar Boutique. Having another celebration in the future? We’ve got you covered there too! Click here for more from Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors!

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