Wedding Invitation Addressing Explained, 1-2-3


Addressing Explained, 1-2-3

If  there aren’t enough things to do, you need to now figure out proper wedding invitation addressing and how to follow etiquette rules! So, you’re asking (or screaming) “how do I address my wedding invitations?” Oh boy…this can seem like such a hassle and add to your wedding stress but we are here to help! In this post, we will outline for you 3 important guidelines to follow when working on your guest addressing.


#1. Use Appropriate Salutations:

When it comes to formal wedding invitation addressing, it’s proper etiquette to use appropriate salutations for married couples, single-couples, same sex-couples,  and families with children.

Married Couples:  The use of Mr. and Mrs. is always a must, traditionally followed by the husband’s full first name, followed by his last name. For example, “Mr. and Mrs. William Smith”.

Single Couples:  When it comes to single couples, it’s always proper etiquette to fully address the significant other’s name and avoid “and Guest” if you can. Be sure to use the proper salutation when it comes to “Miss” or Ms.”  using “Miss” for single unmarried women. However, not all unmarried women prefer “Miss”.   Some older women prefer “Ms.” so use your discretion. “Ms.” is proper to use when she may be divorced or separated (still using her married last name), widowed or simply put, in a “it’s complicated” situation. Not sure? Always use “Ms.”

addressing 1

 Same-Sex Couples:  Put either guest first or alphabetically. If they are married and using the same last name, it should appear as this example stating both first names in alphabetical preference: “Mrs. and Mrs. Clara and Samantha Johnson”. If they are married but not using the same last name, then do: “Mrs. Clara Baker and Mrs. Samantha Johnson”. addressing 2

Families with Children: On the outer envelope, it is appropriate to address the family: “Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan White and Family”, and then listing the family individually on the inner envelope including the children. If you are only utilizing an outer envelope, then list the children in age order on the second line as follows: “Miss Tabatha, Jeffrey and Thomas”. It is acceptable to use “Miss” for girls under 18 but not “Mr.” for boys under 18.  If over the age of 18, they should get their own invitation even if they live in the same household but this is up to your discretion.addressing 3

Occupational Titles: Occupational/distinguished titles should all be spelled out. For doctors, if the husband is a doctor, address it  “Dr. and Mrs. Peter Conner”. If the woman is a doctor, then her occupation outranks her husband, “Dr. Jennifer and Mr. Stanley Weiss” with her first name if they both use the same last name. If both are doctors, then it should be “The Doctors Stevens”.  For other titles, follow the same as the doctor example spelling out the title such as “The Honorable”, “Colonel”, etc., with the person of the higher rank listed first.addressing 4

Another great source we recommend for wedding invitation addressing etiquette is the Martha Stewart Wedding Website. Another personal favorite resource of mine is the Emily Post Institute Website as well.

#2. Do not Abbreviate:

This means no shortcuts…sorry! This means spell everything out, For example: “St.” becomes “Street”, “Ave.” becomes “Avenue”, “Ln.” becomes “Lane”, “Hwy” becomes “Highway”. This is also important when it comes to the city, state and zip line. Completely spelled out all states on formal invitations, so for example, “NY” becomes “New York”, “FL” becomes “Florida” and so on. This also applies to P.O. Boxes. Instead of “P.O. Box 56”, spell it out “Post Office Box 56”. When it comes to directional names within the address, spell out North, South, East, West if it precedes the street name (123 South Main Street). A comma is added after the street name and an abbreviation is used only if it comes after the address (123 Cherry Street, N.W.). For Wedding invitation addressing, follow this simple rule: “when in doubt…always spell it out!”

#3. Avoid Symbols:

Leave the use of symbols for horoscopes! LOL! This means avoid ampersands and hashtags when addressing formal invitations. So for example, “Mr. & Mrs. William Smith” becomes “Mr. and Mrs. William Smith” and “Apartment #3M” becomes “Apartment Number 3M”.

It is important for us to note that these wedding invitation addressing tips listed are not set in stone. Etiquette rules may vary throughout the internet depending on where you are getting your information from. These tips we provide here are commonly used tips typically used when working with our brides and grooms on their wedding invitation orders. It is always wise to leave it up to the advise of a professional when it comes to properly addressing wedding invitation envelopes and using proper etiquette rules.

We, here at Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors, it is part of our signature customer service to check all of the envelope addresses carefully when submitting for calligraphy printing. To make an appointment with us, please contact us at or calling us directly at (516) 932-9600.

Good Luck and Happy Addressing!




5 Wedding Signs You Can’t Miss!

There are a lot of signs that point to what your wedding will look and feel like. Even signs of love from your significant other. And of course the signs we don’t want to see when trying to seat everyone in harmony at the reception… However, we’re talking about actual signs!

Signage at weddings have become a fun way to personalize your big day, and we can’t stop gushing over our favorite Pinterest finds, because let’s face it, besides this blog, ;), Pinterest is the mecca for wedding inspiration. And so, here are 5 Wedding “Signs” we love…

1. “Down-the-Aisle” Signs


Every little girl or boy would love to have a fun job to do besides the traditional petal throwing or ring-bearing.  A “Here Comes The Love of Your Life” sign absolutely melts our hearts. It will trigger many “oohs and ahhs” as your guests await your big arrival. Also, if it fits into your theme, how could you resist these little cowboy boots??? Absolutely charming!

Here are a great “Set of 2” signs for the ceremony found on our website. The “Here comes the Bride” sign for the ceremony entrance an the “Just Married’ sign for the exit:


2. Initial or Monogram Signs


As long as you keep your distance and don’t actually walk under the rustic ladder, you’ll be safe from the wrath of the superstitious. This is perfect for a barn wedding or any type of classic vintage theme. The initials give it a touch of custom, plus I don’t know about you, but after the wedding, this would double as the best corner in my house because I would have it as part of my home decor. Another great idea if you want it to be more than just an ode to your names, it’s a great place to house your escort cards. They can be placed on the steps around the details of the decor and guests can walk up and find their table number.

3. Direction Signs:


If there’s a bit of confusion or a little bit of a hike to get to your reception after the ceremony or to the ceremony upon arrival, instead of letting your guests wander the streets or the halls of your venue, place fun personalized signs that will help guide them. Along the way, to make it fun you can also setup a small area where they can stop and take a few snaps on a fun background next to your sign. Sort of like a walk-thru photo booth so the momentum for what’s to come stays alive during every part of your day.

These vintage directional signs are a great recommendation and can be purchased right on our website:


4. Guest Signs


This idea is another that doubles and even triples in functionality. Besides playing the role of decor, it also is a way to customize by providing your namesake during the event and now you can even ask your guests to write well wishes to cherish forever. Win, Win and Win.

Planning a rustic or vintage theme? This wooden signature that can be personalized and ordered right on our website would be perfect for your day!


5. Social Signs


Even if you’ve tried to stay away from social media, you’re really going to lose your battle. So instead of trying to beat them, join them and collect all your snaps from your day from everyone who attended! Create a fun hashtag that can incorporate your name, the location of the wedding, a fun and catchy play on names or wedding sayings. Virtually anything will work, just make sure that you find one that doesn’t already have images from others tagged to it. The key is to be as creative as possible while tying back to the theme of the wedding in some way. Also try and keep them as short and easy to remember as possible. You’ll want as many images tagged as you can get. Having snapping!

And talking about “snapping”, check-out this personalized photo-booth sign that can be customized and ordered right on our website!


Having these signs at an event will sure up-the-ante. In the “Internet Age” there’s no reason to simply have personalized napkins, there’s so many other ways to spice it up and customize your day. Get creative and share your ideas with us, we’d love to hear from you! Of course, if you are looking for more ideas, you can come and visit us, Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors in person in our Hicksville, Long Island office showroom, as we offer many accessories and goodies for your wedding day to make it as unique as can be!

The 6 Most Commonly Forgotten Wedding Stationery Items

Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery

Image via Pinterest


Lipstick, smartphone, keys. Okay ready to head out, I’ve got everything.

I’m making my way out the door, when I realize (EEEK) I took the wrong keys! Running back in a breathless panic, I’m already late. Why do these last minute occurrences make us feel so overwhelmed and helpless?

You can experience the same feeling if you overlook one or more of the most commonly forgotten items to complete your wedding day.


wedding stationery - invitations-yvonne-wedding-programs


Ceremony Programs are a great way to introduce your bridal party and family to your guests in writing during the ceremony. No need to wait until the announcement comes prior to the reception to get to know the bride and groom’s elite.


wedding stationery - invitations-yvonne-wedding-menus


Menus allow for your guests to have a look at one of the most important and most delicious parts of the wedding. It will get them excited for the desert bar to come later on and to choose their entree without having to feel rushed. This also makes ordering easier for the staff, they don’t have to repeat the meals to each guest or interrupt conversations being had at the table.


wedding stationery- Escort Cards


Escort Cards (or place cards) are essential in keeping your guests organized. Besides their main function, to escort your guests to their assigned seating, they can help tie in to your overall decor. Don’t shy away from putting together a beautiful center piece on the table and get creative with decor surrounding the cards. Plus you don’t want to spend all those agonizing hours making sure Aunt Sue sits five tables away from Cousin Ted, and all for nothing. Make sure everyone’s seated, after all, you’re about to make your grand entrance as a married couple.


wedding stationery- invitations-yvonne-wedding-accomodations-directions


Accommodation and Directions Cards seem like a thing of the past thanks to the Internet and GPS devices. However, take a moment to think about Grandma and her friends. They may not have the latest tech gadget to gear them in the direction of the hotel and much rather have the directions on a card to take with them. Even though we live in a digitally induced society, we can’t forget about those who may not have those resources so easily at their fingertips. Besides that, it’s always nice for the guests to be absolutely sure the destination is the correct one. Even Google gets it wrong sometimes.


wedding stationery- invitations-yvonne-wedding-thank-you-cards


Thank You Cards are a no brainer. You must thank every single guest who attended your wedding and gave a gift. There’s no getting out of that one, however time consuming it may be.  It’s also a nice reminder of how special hand-written notes are, we don’t see those very often. If you’re like me and want to get things out of the way before the big day, consider choosing an image of the two of you that’s not from the wedding. This way you will keep things fresh and non-traditional and your cards will be ready to go out soon after you say I do.


wedding stationery- invitations-yvonne-wedding-favor-tags



Favor Tags are another great area to get creative and showcase your personality as a couple. It also adds a little touch of design to your gift. Let’s say your favor is not as extravagant as you’d like, but it’s  more functional and you feel your guests would love it; adding a personalized tag can give the allure of it being directly tied into the decor of the event. Make sure to strategically place them in an area where the guests can admire them and take one on their way out.



Click on the images to be directed to the options Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors of Hicksville, New York has available.  


We’ve got some great reads coming your way…

Introducing Yvonne’s new blogger Maria, who will be bringing you a mix of wedding, fashion and lifestyle stories to keep you on the cutting edge of our industry.

Maria Caligiuri is a social media storyteller who loves Big Macs and has a very close relationship with her Chapstick.  She’s a former wedding and event planner who still follows the latest trends in the industry. You can also catch her on her lifestyle blog Pami + Me and follow her on Instagram @mariiacali


Puttin’ on the Ritz and Glitz….1930s and 1940s Inspired Invitations – Art Deco Theme

Art-Deco inspired wedding and party invitations and decor made a grand entrance this year. Some of the inspiration can be attributed to the release of The Great Gatsby movie earlier this year starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  Art-Deco style invitations were one of our top requests for 2013 and we know that it will continue to inspire brides and party planners in 2014.   In this poster for the movie, look past Leo’s gorgeous face (if you can resist) at the intricate retro design of the background. That is the exact feel many modern-day brides are looking to incorporate into their weddings and Yvonne’s Invitations & Favors can certainly help with that lavish inspiration!


or sometimes just called Deco, is an art design style, becoming popular in the 1930s and 1940s through World War II.  It is an eclectic, abstract style that combines traditional patterns with industrial imagery and materials. The style is often associated with bold shapes, geometric patterns and strong colors. “Lavish” is an adjective that best describes it’s mood. Many household objects, architecture, depict this design and now……Weddings!  Its the perfect blend of modern and traditional.

Below are some of the most popular Art Deco Invitations you’ll find in store and on our website:

Ritz Remix Invitation

Art Deco Ritz invitation

Set a sophisticated tone for your wedding or celebration with this art deco ritzy invitation filled with swank and style.  This invitation is unique because it is 2-part with an elegant front cover you have to flip up to get the special details.

Savoy Invitation

Art Deco Savoy Invitation
Open the door to your Gatsby riches with this polished tri-fold invitation. Featuring an art deco design in gold foil that is displayed on a luxurious black shimmer invitation.

Simply Spectacular Invitation

Art Deco Simply Spectacular invitation

This simply spectacular laser-cut  invitation gives your guests just a taste of Art Deco history with an alluring geometric cut-out pattern.

Deco Marquee – Invitation


Put on the Ritz… with this partial laser-cut invitation in rich gold and black! The gold cord wrapped around just gives it added elegance and detail.

Just like in The Great Gatsby movie, your wedding or special event can be filled with passion, love, and riches!  For Art-Deco inspired Invitations, Save The Dates, Decor and more CLICK HERE or visit us in our Long Island, New York Showroom in Hicksville in Nassau County!


Tiffany-style Weddings: Go with Everything Blue!

Every bride knows the main things they need on their wedding day: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue.  But why not go with Everything Blue?
We’re talking about brides who plan on celebrating with a beautiful Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme!
Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; and something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity. 
Why not base your wedding on a color theme that represents purity, love, and fidelity?  It’s perfect!
From your table décor, to your cake and bridesmaids dresses, this color is cool, fresh with a touch of sophistication. 
This light blue hue is not just for the beach.  It is simple, yet elegant and exquisite enough for a wedding day or night.
When looking for those added special touches Yvonne’s Invitations and Favors has everything you need to make the details of the day unique and easy. 

see page Here are just a few perfect Tiffany Blue Wedding or Bridal Shower Favors from our Kate Aspen Collection that are sure to please. These favors are so practical for guests to use at home with the memories of your magical event.  Here are just a few examples.

“Something Blue” Wedding Gift Candle
These simple yet elegant candles can be used as take home table décor or as the perfect favor that will match any home. 
Click Here for Pricing and Details

“Something Blue” Silicon Kitchen Spatula

These simple yet modern spatulas are practical and fun for your guests to take home and enjoy in the kitchen.  Whether they actually use them for baking or just as décor!

“Something Blue” Kitchen Whisk
Who doesn’t need a tiffany blue whisk in their kitchen? Simple and durable, give your friends and family the perfect tool to make eggs the next morning! 
Click Here for Pricing and Details

“Something Blue” Shimmering Purse Valet 
 A shout-out for the ladies, this crystal faceted purse valet is a favor actually do them a favor!  It will keep their purse in close proximity no matter where they are.  A purse valet is the type of gift most people wouldn’t buy for themselves!

Click Here for Pricing and Details

Tiffany-Inspired Candy Bar Favors

A must-have for the desert table or bar, give your loved ones a sweet surprise to take with them when the party is over.

Click Here for Pricing and Details

For more wedding invitations and favor ideas visit our site:

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